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Friday, June 23

Our newest page lists Area Events -- follow the pointers to timely news of local happenings! (Organizations: Please send calendar-type URL listings to Web-Page-in-a-Sack.

Wednesday, June 7

Ecola Design has developed two new sites for the Web:
The Pre-Astronauts - Now online!
Prize-winning author Craig Ryan describes his newest book, from Naval Institute Press.

Once Upon a Breeze - Now online!
The oldest kite shop on the Oregon Coast presents its catalog and other kite goodies.

Wednesday, May 31

Our most time-wasting diversion, "Crave the Goal", can be downloaded at Ecola's FTP Page. It's a maze puzzle which demonstrates some strange principles of logic! If you can't solve it, send us email for the solution.

Tuesday, May 23

We crammed some more stuff into the Attic.

Thursday, May 11

Look out! We're experimenting with audio [9k .au file] and video [88k .avi file] transmission. Here are some sights & sounds from the Ecola Company Picnic.

Wednesday, May 10

Announcing our newest URL: Ecola's Guide to URL Announcements.

Monday, May 8

We've made a very small change to Ecola's All-Blinking Page.

Wednesday, May 3

Ecola's 24-Hour Newsstand has been remodeled for your convenience.

Tuesday, May 2

Locate those hard-to-find books at Ecola's new Technical Books Page.

Monday, May 1

We've started our own FTP site, which will grow throughout the year.

Friday, April 28

'Ecola's EZ Home Page' celebrates its first month of publication!

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