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Ecola Design

Ecola (e~ co~ lä), n,
  1. Whale [from the Chinook ekoli]
  2. A beautiful Oregon State Park

Web Services

Site Development

Example: The Pre-Astronauts - Historical ballooning book, from Naval Institute Press

Example: Once Upon a Breeze - The Oldest Kite Shop on the Oregon Coast

Web Page Construction

Award-winning planning and design (Cool Site of the Day, March 30)

Useful and zippy content

Tiny, or turnkey

Publicity & Marketing Services


Web page review (to maintain pleasing freshness)

Exclusive! Web-Page-in-a-Sack

Get established on the Web with this simple & complete package: Check out this sample.
OK, here's what you'll need:
  1. -- Server: Try Web Communications (WebCom); business accounts are $29.95 per month.
  2. -- Web Pages: Built by Ecola Design of course. Just request our 'Web-Page-in-a-Sack'.
  3. -- Publicity: Yow-ee, it's basically free! See Ecola's Guide to URL Announcements.

For more information see our brief press release.

-- Ecola Design began in 1987, specializing in CAD management and programming. Now with the growth of the Web, 1995 looks to be Ecola's Year of HTML Publishing!

Please email me for more information about my business interests and plans. I've developed all the Web pages you see as you browse Ecola's EZ Home Page.

Bob Poulsen
Ecola Design
PO Box 51
Beaverton, Oregon 97075

Internet Mail: ecola@.com
Web: http://www.webcom.com/~ecola/

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