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Actual Home Pages:

Joseph C. Walker, Ph.D.
Fantastic approach to providing relevant information
Beej's Home Page
Palindromes, much else, and the famous Internet Pizza Server.
Bill Beatty's Home Page
Specifically, the Weird Science section... fusion-in-a-jar, perpetual motion, spam, etc.
Carol Woodbury's WooNet
Law, amusements, museums, and other ideas
Srinivas Padmanabhuni's Hotlist
Search tools, diversions, and India-related sites
David's Web World Magazine
Via Seattle; link yourself silly.
Mindy McAdams Home Page
The game of Go, copy editing (!), and ever-changing links
Uncle Bob's Kid's Page
Assembled and presented by Bob Allison
Allen Thompson's Page
Laserdiscs, garages, donuts, and hijinks
Yuval Fisher's Home Page
Fractals, true Web tales, and the browser-crashing Thousand Points of Sites
Keith Moulton's Opera and Sumo Wrestling Page
See if you can find the links to the sumo wrestling movie files