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We're written a lot of software over the past many years.
Now, it's time to give it away! Please note:
  1. All software is written for MS-DOS or MS-Windows.
  2. All software is compressed for transfer using PKZip.
  3. All software is unsupported and without warranty ('as is').
We'll be adding more files throughout the year.

For Home or Office:

crave-tg.zip Crave the Goal
Our most time-wasting diversion! "Crave the Goal" is a maze puzzle which demonstrates some strange principles of logic. If you can't solve it, send email to Ecola for the solution. Runs on almost any DOS machine. [31,812 bytes]

zpp22.zip Zippy Print
From the golden age of DOS, when just printing a simple one-page letter was harder than programming your VCR. Here's an e-a-s-y program for the new user, or for family members of a power user. One shareware vendor called this "the closest thing to a typewriter"! It's a simple DOS program that's still useful even today. [47,532 bytes]

Graphic Utilities:

gtbatch.zip Transparent GIF Kit for DOS
Here is the well-used utility 'giftrans.exe', and Ecola's simple batch file 'gtbatch.bat' as the user interface. A GIF file can be easily made transparent, and this will even allow drag-and-drop operation within Windows File Manager. [21,786 bytes]

Excel Utilities:

clog_log.zip Excel 5.0 Add-In to process Common Log Format HTTPD access logs
We didn't see any Windows tools for analyzing Web server access logs, so we constructed this rudimentary add-in for Excel. It takes an access log in Common Log Format and parses the data into columns of a spreadsheet. Extremely basic, except for one trick: extracting the Domain Name from the Remote Host Name. Includes a brief info file. [12,102 bytes]

wcom_log.zip Excel 5.0 Add-In to process WebCom HTTPD access logs
Wow, talk about application-specific! This program is useful to those with a service account at Web Communications. It takes WebCom's site activity log, loads it into Excel, and mangles it until it's just so. It's a pretty handy program, but it's only for WebCom logs -- it won't work with Common Log Format log files. Includes a brief info file. [10,951 bytes]

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